Ouachita River Park

photo rockThe Ouachita River Park is a great place to hike, picnic, canoe or kayak. The trail and picnic areas were the first to be completed, with the boat ramp allowing the public its first access to the river in this area. The pavilion is a popular place for large barbecues.

The park draws in kayakers, canoeists and other outdoor enthusiasts year round. You may find over 100 kayakers enjoying the Class 1 rapids at the River Park. With the completion of the roadway and the parking area, the Parks Commission is working on developing a Class 3 Rapids, that would draw people from all over the country.

Future plans for the park include a 20 acre lake, with an
amphitheater that will seat 1000 people, with a stage overlooking the lake, providing an area for large gatherings and concerts.

Funding for the project has been through grants with HUD and private donations. The City of Malvern has paid for the land and the roadway and is seeking funding for the lake and amphitheater. In the near future the Ouachita River Park will become a
landmark, known across the state and the country, drawing people from all around to enjoy the beauty that Malvern, Hot
Spring County and the Ouachita River have to offer.


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