• Annual Chamber Awards Banquet


    Lifetime Achievement Award

    This award recognizes a person in Hot Spring County who has made a significant contribution (throughout their life in career and/or volunteer work) to improve the quality of living in our community through: Involvement in community affairs, Showing creativity and leadership abilities, and Setting a positive example for others.

    Young Person of the Year

    This award recognizes the outstanding achievements and contributions of young people in our community, and the winner will be presented a $500 scholarship to continue his or her education. Anyone may nominate themselves or another who is a Hot Spring County High School Senior planning to attend college or trade school. The nominee should exhibit all or some of the following:  Leadership ability, Involvement and/or Contribution to Community; Involvement and/or Contribution to School; Volunteerism; Innovation and creativity.

    Educator of the Year

    This award recognizes an educator from Hot Spring County who truly goes above and beyond his or her job description and requirements in order to educate and influence the students they serve. Criteria to be considered will include: Education and studies, Years of service, Support of School and Community, and anything that demonstrates a Unique and Strong desire to Inspire.

    Manager of the Year

    This award recognizes a manager from the Hot Spring County area who exhibits outstanding achievements in the areas of Management, Leadership and Community Involvement. This individual should be a proven asset to the organization in which he/she holds a management position. They should be well respected by their co-workers and employees, and should contribute to the quality of life in this community through volunteerism.

    Business of the Year

    This award is presented to a Hot Spring County area business, which has demonstrated its ability to contribute to the overall economic development of the community through growth, achievement and customer satisfaction. Consideration will be given to: Business Excellence, including marketing accomplishments, business ethics, employee development and efforts to improve business climate; Customer Relations, including facility atmosphere and the efforts to establish customers; Community Service, including contributions to community, use of financial resources for community and civic leadership.

    Kristi Parker Norris Community Service Award

    This individual is as special as the person for whom the award is named. This award is presented to a person in Hot Spring County who is a visionary. He or she is a leader that takes action, encourages others to do the same and is known for getting things done for the benefit of many. This award is presented to a person in Hot Spring County who freely donates their time, talent and service to a worthy cause that benefits others in the community. This individual may be a quiet, behind-the-scenes person who consistently volunteers hundreds of hours and is always there selflessly donating their attention to a non-profit, for example.  This individual may be an outgoing organizer who galvanizes others to join their volunteer mission. This person exemplifies service beyond self.

    Emergency Responder of the Year

    This award is presented to an Emergency Responder who works in Hot Spring County as a police officer, firefighter, paramedic, EMT,  prison officer or state trooper, for example. This individual is well-rounded and has exceeded above and beyond, the duty requirements of his/her position. He/she exemplifies the virtues of professionalism and dedication which demonstrates a distinct pattern of community service, proven his/her personal dedication to societal security and protection. Judging will be based on aspects of the following criteria:  community service, leadership, professional career and heroism.

    Healthcare Worker

    This award is presented to a healthcare professional who works in Hot Spring County. This certified/licensed individual may work in the hospital, doctor’s office, nursing home, assisted living center, or physical therapy setting, as well as a school nurse, or other healthcare field not mentioned. This individual is a compassionate, dedicated person who makes the health and wellness of their patients their number-one priority.  Judging will be based on aspects of the following criteria: professional career, caring, “bed-side manner,” community service and heroism.

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